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faq imageHere is the appropriate response to your everything questions(FAQ)

Question no.1: why

Answer: is a stage on which you can get a room, flats,p.g. no, any brokership when you book, upload your vacant property information

Question no.2: What amount do you charge?

Answer: Posting for a rental settlement/office/PG is free and we don’t charge you even a pie for that. Be that as it may, in the event that you wish to profit premium posting offices, we will charge you according to the rate list said in with-us/

Question no.3: how do I put my house up for rent?

Answer: Don’t worry about that If you have come blank rooms no problem you can just upload 2-3 previous and detailed about location, Facilities, and you’re t&c. you can either call me or WhatsApp me on my reg. no.08952863031.

Question no.4: where is the office of tolet4u?

Answer: It is an individual site one can contact me or text me or WhatsUp me as soon as while company running well we will set up an office.

question no .5:  How is it beneficial for the user?

Answer: is the most different because the subscriber can directly get information from us or give it to us. We have discussed the matter directly to create a new relationship by separating the brokerage here.

Question no. 6: I have an independent company in Jaipur, Can I give my commercial on Will there be an advantage? what are the charges?.

Answer: In this site particularly intended for the general population of Jaipur. Our guests are proprietors or inhabitants of Jaipur. We get a great many such individuals every day on our site and these individuals are included specifically with the customary organizations occurring in Jaipur. When you publicize with us, you are contributing your cash to contact individuals of Jaipur specifically.

With web insurgency and evolving era, publicizing situations are evolving. is the main wellspring of internet promoting in Jaipur.

We additionally help you by giving a modified page to your business. Additionally in the event that you need a substantial notice, a web architecture or anything of that sort; we can do it according to your prerequisite.

You can get in touch with us specifically at +91 89528-63031 and for more points of interest.

Question no.7: What is chief posting at and who all can profit by this?

Answer: is as of now dedicated to fulfilling cover requirements for the general population in Jaipur. But since of several rooms, PGs, workplaces getting added to the rundown consistently; not all posts get seen by the clients. To give leverage to the general population who will pay and who are in critical need of getting their paying visitor or room leased, we have presented premium posting.

In the superior posting, your post seems day by day on the primary page alongside photographs and inside and out points of interest were given by you about your property. Check the accompanying connection, for instance, additionally guarantee normal attention of these uncommon posts on long range interpersonal communication hotspots for a lift in watchers.

For the whole span, your post will show up on the principal page alongside the photographs and top to bottom points of interest. we additionally give a complimentary standard promotion to further lift your attention.

You can reach us straightforwardly at +91-89528-63031 for more subtle elements

Question no.8: How would you folks get sections for the most part?

Answer: The significant segment of passages we traverse posts and telephone calls made by individuals. Aside from that we likewise have our group gathering information for rental and offering properties all through Jaipur

Question no.9:.So who all will be the guest to my post?

Answer: A great many jaipurite’s are hunting down rooms, pads, shops, workplaces, and properties consistently. Through, they are getting a typical stage to view and look at different accessible alternatives. And every one of them will have the capacity to see your post also.

Question no.10: How would you folks acquire?

Answer: Our primary salary source is through premium posting and pennant ads.

Question no.11: What amount of commission would you say you are taking from inhabitants or landowners? It is safe to say that you are folks working like merchants?

Answer: In no way, shape or form. is built up with the point of the end of the specialists or mediator from rental exchanges. We, truth be told, are giving a reasonable, better and straightforward stage to both inhabitants and proprietors